Old Bridge Town Services

A full range of services may be found within minutes of Pine Gate.

The Raritan Bay Medical Center is located just across the road at Rte. 18 and Ferry Rd. Doctors in many specialties have offices in the Old Bridge Medical Arts Building right nearby. The township has five first aid squads, the closest within two miles.

The Old Bridge Township Free Main Library is about 10 miles from Pine Gate, and houses a wide variety of books, periodicals, manuscripts, and online services.


Important Contacts

Police Department 
(732) 679-3400

Fire Department 
(732) 721-4000

Old Bridge Township Offices
 (732) 721-5600

Middlesex County Offices 
(732) 745-3000

Raritan Medical Center 
(732) 360-1000

Old Bridge Public Library


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